Reduce Risk

Stay calm.

Stay in control.

Don’t resist. Don’t obstruct. DON’T RUN.

Keep your hands visible. 

Ask before making any movements. 

Your Rights

You and your child have the right to remain silent.

Tell your child to stay quiet. 

You do not have to consent to the police questioning your child. 

Do not agree to a search of you, your child, ,your home, your phone or your child’s phone.  

Do not agree to let them take your child away for questioning. 

If your child is arrested, ask for a lawyer immediately for your child and instruct the police that they are not to question your child without you or a lawyer present. 

Tell your child not to say anything without you being present.

The Script

  1. My name is ____________
    and I am the parent/guardian of_________. 
    I want to remain silent and my child will also be exercising his/her right to remain silent.
  2. I do not consent to you asking my child any questions.
  3. I do not consent to you taking my child to question him/her.
  4. Are we free to leave?
    If so, calmly walk away.
  5. Is my child being arrested?
  6. If my child is being arrested, I request a lawyer for my child and I do not consent to you questioning him/her outside of my or the lawyer’s presence.

*If your child is arrested, always have a lawyer present before the police try to question him/her. Do not let the police trick you into thinking a lawyer is not needed as long as you are present.