As someone who was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, I know that it is more than headlines about shootings and statistics. It is made of families, neighbors, and people who love and care about their community.

By continuing to label the South Side in ways that make it appear to be a dangerous place where violence, drugs and poverty are everywhere, it robs the residents of the South Side of their dignity. That narrative is far from the truth and the people of the South Side deserve more than to be constantly spoken about in bad headlines. 

That’s why I started South Side Talks Podcast to help change the narrative. South Side Talks is a podcast that tells stories that represent ALL of the South Side. Stories of joy, pain, success, failure, humor, and everyday life. By telling these stories, it allows the residents of the South Side to be seen as they are and should be—as regular people who face life with the same ups and downs as anybody else.