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The Civil Rights Corner is a blog dedicated to providing readers with information and insightful commentary about today's pressing civil rights and police accountability issues. Knowing your rights when dealing with law enforcement can be the difference between you being arrested and keeping your freedom.

Can The Police Search My Home?

When the police come to your home and ask to come inside to “look around,” it can be scary. Most people don’t know what to do or to say. Many times, citizens allow the police to come inside and search. Other times, the citizens voluntarily offer up their homes to be searched believing that it will absolve them of wrongdoing because the police won’t find what they’re looking for. Unless the police have a warrant or legal justification to search your home, you should never consent to the police searching your home. ……Read More…

How To Stay Safe & Protest The Police

When protesting the police, it’s important that you stay safe nd reduce your risk of being injured or arrested. Follow these suggestions when protesting the police. ……Read More…

How To Find A Civil Rights Lawyer?

If you’ve been the victim of police brutality or misconduct and you want to seek justice, you need a civil rights attorney. So how do you go about finding an attorney that handles police misconduct cases? Here are some tips to find a experienced Chicago police brutality attorney. ……Read More…

What Is Excessive Force?

Excessive force is any force that a police officer uses that is more than necessary to take a person into custody. Simply put, a police officer cannot do anything and everything to make an arrest or to stop a suspect. The law says that the police must use force that is proportional to the situation they face and the level of the threat present. ……Read More…

How To Stay Safe During Police Encounters

No one can predict how a police encounter will end and you can never assume that the officers will treat you fairly and with dignity. However, there are some steps that you can take to hopefully increase your chances of leaving a police encounter alive. ……Read More…

Why Talking To The Police Can Get You In Trouble

As a Chicago civil rights and police brutality attorney, I’ve seen the ways that police violate citizens’ rights. Police misconduct is more than excessive force. Because of this I always tell people the best thing you can say to the police is that you don’t want to talk to them without a lawyer present. ……Read More…

Can I Record The Police?

It used to be rare to capture police brutality and misconduct on video. However, now that everyone is carrying around a camera in their pocket and have the ability to go live on social media platforms, recording police interactions with the public have become more common. ……Read More…

What Are The Most Common Police Misconduct Civil Rights Violations?

There are many kinds of legal claims that can be filed in a lawsuit when the police have brutalized you and violated your rights. However, as a Chicago civil rights attorney, I’ve found that the following are the most common types of legal claims that are brought against police officers for police brutality and misconduct. ……Read More…

What To Do After Being Injured By The Police

Every year countless people are victims of police brutality and misconduct. Many times, people don’t know that they have rights and can seek justice and compensation for the abuse they suffered at the hands of the police. If you find yourself the in the unfortunate position of being injured by the police, there are some steps you should immediately take. ……Read More…


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