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Experience Matters

For most people, the legal system can be frightening. As a lawyer, my job is to not only represent and advise my clients, but to guide them through what is often a challenging process. I’ve spent my entire career in court litigating some of the toughest cases in state and federal court. If you’ve been the victim of police misconduct or brutality you need someone to stand up for your civil rights and fight for the justice you deserve. The Law Office of Julian Johnson, LLC is a civil rights firm dedicated to fighting injustice

A Civil Rights Law Firm

Cities like Chicago often don't want to pay someone who was wronged by the police and instead fight the lawsuits aggressively. However, I know how to fight them to get you the justice you deserve.

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My Approach

When I take your case, I take your cause. Every case is important to me and I treat each one as my highest priority. There are a lot of law firms that look for quick plea deals and settlements and turn over a high volume of cases every year, failing to get the best results for their clients. I prepare every case as if it were going to trial, ensuring that you are provided with the highest quality of legal representation and your best interests are represented.

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About Julian

I’m an experienced litigator who has handled some of the toughest cases. I’ve been a public defender where I fought on behalf of those who found themselves entangled in the justice system. And as an attorney for the City of Chicago, I represented the City in complex and high exposure multi-million dollar litigation. I’m one of a select group of attorneys that has tried cases in both state and federal court. Call me today and learn how I can help you.


You need a lawyer protecting your rights at every stage of the process. Contact me so that I can get to work on your case.

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Schedule A Free Consultation

People should not be afraid to see a lawyer when they want to find out if they need legal help. I offer a free consultation to potential clients so that we can discuss your matter. Contact me to see how I can help you.